Community Values

We believe in community and value family and community partnerships to reach out to students and their families with the love of Christ. We place a high priority on ensuring that our students are resilient and well-balanced.

Service is a core value that underpins the ethos of the school and students at all year levels are provided with opportunities to use and develop their abilities for personal growth and service to others and are encouraged to reflect on their own spiritual development.

Students are empowered to be caring, resilient individuals who value social justice and seek to create a better world. St John’s Lutheran Primary School recognizes the mutual benefit that is developed through interaction between the school and the wider community. There are several ways relationships are fostered with families, Organisations and communities connected with the school.

There is a strong sense of community within the school which is greatly aided by various initiatives such as the Parents and Friends Association who plan social events, support families, and raise funds for resources.