Welcome to St John’s Lutheran

Primary School LTD

St John’s Lutheran Primary School aims to provide a quality education in a supportive, safe and enriched learning environment. Students are provided with opportunities to use their God-given talents to serve others, whilst gaining the necessary skills to thrive and flourish in an ever-changing world. In all that we do we aim to Praise, Love and Serve.


Our Identity

At St John’s we want our school to be perceived as:

  • A warm and welcoming learning community
  • Fostering and promoting educational excellence
  • An important part and respected part of the Portland community.
  • Using Christ as the model.


Our Community

At St John’s we want our community to be:

  • Inclusive
  • Honest, open and transparent.
  • Working together in the best interests of our staff and students.
  • Developed on the teachings of Christ.


Learning The Focus

At St John’s we value quality teaching and learning that occurs through:

  • A stimulating, relevant and purposeful curriculum that meets individual needs.
  • Teaching methodologies that are based on current and best practice models.
  • Classrooms that develop a community of learners.
  • The primary role that families play in the development and education of their children.
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Campus Address:

43-55 Trangmar St,

Portland, VIC, 3305